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Software that enables to change MultiSync PA series settings from a PC.

Version 1.2.00

Main functions

Monitor display settings (preset) switching

Factory adjusted presets can be recalled and set at will.

ICC profile emulation settings

ICC profile emulation settings

A variety of ICC profiles and other display profiles can be set and reflected in the display.

Full custom settings

Full custom settings

Color gamuts such as sRGB and Adobe® RGB can be set with easy operation, and color matching with other displays is supported.

Printer emulation settings

Printer profile selection

Printer profile selection

Industry standard profiles such as Japan Color and printer profiles can be set and reflected in the display.

Rendering intent selection

Rendering intent selection

1. Perceptual Visual gradation characteristics between colors are preserved. This setting is used widely in the Japanese print industry, and is suitable for photographic images containing many colors outside the color gamut.
2. Color saturation Reproduction of the vivid colors of the image is stressed above color accuracy. This setting is suitable for graphs and diagrams where bright colors are desired.
3. Relative color gamut preservation This setting is used widely in the North American as well as European print industry, and preserves even more colors than the Perceptual setting.
4. Absolute color gamut preservation This setting stresses color accuracy above visual gradation characteristics and performs conversion with the smallest color change.
5. Paper simulation This setting performs white paper emulation based on the ICC profile.
6. Display color gamut When not using an application compatible with color management, select the color gamut of the image: You can select from Full (the existing color gamut of the display), Adobe® RGB, or sRGB.
7. Using Adobe CMM Adobe Color Management Module (Adobe CMM) is used for color conversion. (Prior installation of Adobe CMM is required.*)
8. Confirmation of color conversion characteristics Displays the state of the 3D LUT reflecting the settings for rendering intent, paper simulation, and display color gamut.
  • *Adobe Color Management Module (Adobe CMM) can be downloaded from the following URL.

Sense of color emulation setting

Sense of color emulation setting

Switching between differing color sense characteristics (type P/D/T) to display is possible. In gray scale, this function checks the image contrast.

PIP/PbP settings

PIP/PbP settings

Picture-In-Picture or Picture-by-Picture settings are possible.

Operating Environment

  • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • MacOS 10.4 or higher, 10.5.4 or later, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 (as of Oct 1, 2013)
    As for Mac OS 10.7/10.8, its behavior has been varidated on Ver.1.1.05-2.*
  • *At installation of application, OS 10.7/10.8 requests installation of a JAVA runtime.
    Please install a JAVA run time first. After that application will be installed.

[Important compatibility notice]

  • About Windows 8
    Please communicate with the display via a USB connection. Should this MultiProfiler is not detected, please update the driver of your graphic board to the latest version.
    However it's confirmed that in some graphic cards, DDC/CI communication does not work correctly. Below is a result of our internal verification.
    NVIDIA Quadro series 600 driver 311.15 :OK
    ELSA GeForce GT series driver 314.07 :OK
    ATI FirePro series driver 9.003.3 :OK
    ATI RADEON series driver 13.1 :Not work when using HDMI terminal
  • About OS10.8(Mountain Lion)
    Due to issues with the new Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion), MultiProfiler is not able to communicate with the displays on some systems with Thunderbolt (miniDisplayPort) video outputs when using a miniDisplayPort to DVI cable. The NEC MultiSync PA series and newer P series models can utilize a USB connection to the display if necessary.
  • A graphics card that supports DDC/CI is required. DDC/CI can have limitations according to OS and graphics cards. For questions regarding DDC/CI support, contact the relevant graphics card maker company.

    USB (Universal Serial Bus) - Communicates with the display via a USB connection from the host PC. A USB cable must be connected between the host PC and one of the upstream USB ports on the display. The display will also function as a USB hub.
    MultiProfiler will automatically default to using the USB connection, if available, when it is first run. To switch between USB and DDC/CI communication links, click the Display Configuration icon (next to the display list at the bottom of the main window), and then select the desired connection method from the list of monitors.

Correction point


  • Added support for the MultiSync PA272W/PA272W-BK and PA302W/PA302W-BK.
  • Added new 'Quick Print Emulation' function.
  • Added new Display Settings 'Import' and 'Export' function.
    Inport function

    Export function
  • Improved the speed of "re-synchronize" function.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added support for the MultiSync PA242W/PA242W-BK.

Supported Display

30inch MultiSync PA302W/ MultiSync PA302W-BK
MultiSync PA301W/ MultiSync PA301W-BK
MultiSync MD301C4
27inch MultiSync PA272W/ MultiSync PA272W-BK
MultiSync PA271W/ MultiSync PA271W-BK
24inch MultiSync PA242W/ MultiSync PA242W-BK
MultiSync PA241W/ MultiSync PA241W-BK
MultiSync P242W/ MultiSync P242W-BK
MultiSync P241W/ MultiSync P241W-BK
23inch MultiSync P232W/ MultiSync P232W-BK
MultiSync PA231W/ MultiSync PA231W-BK

Installation instruction

Click on the file name and download the "MultiProfiler." Extract the compressed downloaded file. Be sure to read the ReadMe document before installing the software.



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MultiProfiler for Windows

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