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Firmware Update


This download page is for Firmware in the displays.

Supported Displays


Update History

  • Rev.1.3
  1. The picture uniformity and low luminance stability are improved.
  2. Shipment setting is changed with destination (160cd/m2 ; for US version only).

Checking the Necessity of Firmware Update

Check the Firmware version of the display from "OSD - INFORMATION - System information" on screen menu.
If either of the versions is older than the following versions, needs to update the Firmware.

Firmware Version

OSD Sytem Information

You can check the REVISION of your Firmware on the following OSD screen.

OSD Sytem Information


Updating Procedure by USB Memory.


  1. USB Memory (Not supplied)

Updating of the firmware by USB memory depends Follow the instruction below to update the Firmware.

File Name File Size
Firmware Update Procedure by USB Memory

Go to Download

Note: Download the compressed file from below and unzip the FIRMWARE image file.
The unpacked file includes the following one image file (PAC file).

File Name Unpacked File Name
Rev.1.3 Firmware download file (2.04MB)

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