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Start here 2:02

Start here

ProAssist is software that performs batch operations, screen combination, color matching, etc., when multiple projectors are combined. This video will introduce the projector registration, input settings, etc., which are common preparatory operations for each function. We recommend watching this video before watching other videos.

Fine-tune color adjustments 2:19

Fine-tune color adjustments

The basic procedure for combining screens for multiple projectors; we will introduce how to adjust the brightness of the overlapping part of the image by adjusting each screen's position and size.

How to merge multiple pictures 2:42

How to merge multiple pictures

This video introduces how to bring each screen's colors closer when combining multiple projectors' screens. Color matching is performed in the order of black screen, white screen, and neutral color.

Picture adjustments 3:01

Picture adjustments

This is a procedure to correct the color unevenness in a part of the screen, such as colors appearing in the corners of the screen when displaying an all-white image. We will show you how to change the color, check the color unevenness on the projection screen, and surround the area of concern with the mouse to match the colors.

Projection screen correction 2:26

Geometric correction

We will introduce the adjustment procedure when the screen is distorted into a trapezoid, or the corners of the screen do not match the screen. Complex screen distortions that occur on non-planar screens, such as cylindrical surfaces, spherical surfaces, and room corners, can also be selected and corrected with the mouse.

Auto adjustment using a webcam 2:28

Geometric correction

When displaying a large-screen by combining multiple projectors, an automatic adjustment method quickly matches each screen's colors. Use your webcam to automatically adjust the white screen, black screen, neutral color, and color unevenness of each projector.

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