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NaViSet Administrator 2

NaViSet Administrator 2

Version : 2.0.69


NaViSet Administrator is a network based control and asset management system for NEC display monitors and projectors.

With NaViSet Administrator you can:

  • Automatically monitor the operational states and control settings of your NEC equipment.
  • Send automatic email alerts of abnormal conditions such as overheating, cooling fan failure, and diagnostics errors.
  • Access and adjust the numerous control settings of your NEC devices using interfaces similar to that of their On Screen Displays and remote control units.
  • Monitor the operational states of both Windows-based computers connected to your network and single-board computers installed in your NEC displays.
  • Create detailed reports of device assets, operational states and control settings and export them to popular spreadsheet formats.

Supported Model

  • NEC desktop display series
  • NEC projector models with a LAN or RS232 connection.
  • NEC large-screen display series: MA, M, ME, UN, UX, BT, X, P, V, C, CB and E series(E series is only models with a built-in LAN connection).
    The following large-screen display series is exempt from support model.
    X series: X461UN,X461HB,X461UN,X461UNV,X462UN,X431BT,X461HB and X462HB
    P series: P401,P461,P521,P551 and P701
  • PJLink devices

Operating System

  • Windows 32 or 64 bit versions:
    • 10 / 11
  • Windows Server
    • 2012 / 2016 / 2019 / 2022
  • Intel based Apple Mac
    macOS version 10.13, 10.14,10.15,11, 12, 13, 14

Operating Environment


Standard TCP/IP LAN interface. Static IP addresses required for most displays connected directly to LAN, unless name resolution (hostname) support is provided.

System Resources

At least 64MB available hard-disk space for installation.
Approximately 50MB per 100 devices hard-disk space required for database storage.
At least 96MB RAM (192MB recommended).


Adobe Reader X or higher is recommended for viewing the User’s Guide.
Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers for viewing output spreadsheets.
Open Hardware Monitor (optional) for monitoring computer temperature and fan status.

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Quick Start Guide
User's Guide
NaViSet Administrator2 (For Windows) *
NaViSet Administrator2 (For Mac OS) *
  • *This files include the following application.
  • NaViSet Administrator 2Version: 2.0.69
  • DDC/CI WMI Provider (Windows Only)Version: 1.3.05
  • RS232 WMI Provider (Windows Only)Version: 1.2.02
  • LAN to RS232 Bridge (Windows Only)Version: 1.0.00

Installation instruction

For Windows version

Start the autorun.exe after unzipping the file.
Please install the necessary software from the launcher.

For Mac OS

Start the NA2_MacOS_xxx.dmg after unzipping the file.
Double-click the NA2_MacOS_xxx.dmg file to mount.
Open the mounted drive.
Please install in accordance with the instructions on the screen.

The launcher of English

NA2 Launcher

The launcher of Chinese

NA2 Launcher

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