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Raspberry Pi Compute Module


The documents included on this page are intended for qualified personnel only.
Be sure to thoroughly read all of the included cautions and warnings.

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Available documents

Raspberry Pi Compute Module

Choose a filename from the following list.

Document name and description File name File size
NEC Large-Screen Displays -Raspberry Pi Compute Module Setup Guide [PDF] rev.190307
Describes the features, installation, connectivity, and configuration of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module support in NEC Large-Screen display models.
NEC_Raspberry_Pi_Compute_Module_Setup_Guide.pdf 2.20MB
Compute Module Interface Board DS1-IF10CE Installation Manual [PDF]rev.170724
Describes the installation of the Raspberry Pi Comput! e Mode Interface Board and cooling fan.
DS1-IF10CE_manual.pdf 7.00MB

For your reference

Supported Models

NEC large-screen display series:

P series: P404, P484, P554, P654Q and P754Q
V series: V404, V484, V554, V404-T, V484-T, V554-T, V554Q, V654Q, V754Q, V864Q and V984Q
C series: C751Q, C861Q and C981Q
UN series: UN462A, UN462VA, UN492S, UN492VS, UN552, UN552A, UN552S, UN552V and UN552VS
UX series: UX552 and UX552S


  • *Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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