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Previous correction point

Image Express Utility 2.0 for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Previous correction point

Ver. 2.19.270 → Ver. 2.20.273

  • Support of Windows 10.
  • Support of
    • NP-P502W/NP-P502H/NP-P452W/NP-P452H
    • DS1-MP10RX (MultiPresenter Stick)

Ver. 2.18.265 → Ver. 2.19.270

  • Support of
    • NP-P502WL/NP-P502HL
  • The following restrictions have been resolved.
    • A connection to a projector with a stand-by state fails in NP-UM352W model. Please connect to a projector after turning on the power.
    • "A File For Reopening Meeting" doesn't work correctly for NP-UM352W model.

Ver. 2.16.260 → Ver. 2.18.265

  • Support of
    • NP-PA721X/NP-PA621X/NP-PA671W/NP-PA571W/NP-PA621U/NP-PA521U
    • NP-UM352W
  • Support of Windows 8.1.
  • Solved the problem that the mouse cursor is not transmitted to the projector when using the extended monitor.
  • Fixed some minor problems.

Ver. 2.15.257 → Ver. 2.16.260

  • Solved the problem that part of the desktop screen is not transmitted to the projector from the Surface Pro(Windows 8 Pro).

Ver. 2.14.255→ Ver. 2.15.257

  • Support of Windows 8.
  • Support of NP-P501X / NP-P451X / NP-P451W / NP-P401W.

Ver. 2.13.238 → Ver. 2.14.255

  • Support of NP-PX700W and NP-PX800X
  • Support of 64-bit OS.
  • Removed user account selection from the installer installs and changed the installation to be done to every user.
  • Fixed the dialog of "About Image Express Utility 2.0" to be closed with ESC key.
  • Added the Re-drawing of a task tray icon.
  • Defect correction
    • Fixed the problem that the mouse cursor is not displayed properly in black or transparent color.
    • Fixed the problem that when you press the "Update" button in the dialog of "Connect to", the focus is contrary, and you are not able to operate any more through the keyboard.
  • Main correction in “Help”
    • Removed the "(32bit)" of the "Supported OS" of the "Operating Environment".
    • In the Chinese Help regarding “Create an Easy Installer", corrected the language referring to "Create Setup Disk", to English, which had been put mistakenly in Chinese

Ver. 2.11.227 → Ver. 2.13.238

  • Support of NP-PX750U
  • Support of NP-PH1000U
  • Support of NP-PA600X / NP-PA500X / NP-PA550W / NP-PA500U
  • Support of NP-P420X / NP-P350X / NP-P350W
  • Corrected software bug
    • When there are designations of both "IP address" and "Specify range" in the [List] of the [Connect to] dialog, the projector selected by the "Specify range" cannot be found.
  • Major corrections to the Help contents
    • Added cautions about [References - Controlling Projector - Controlling Sound] page. "Sound control cannot be done unless the audio input terminal is equipped to the projector. To confirm if your projector is equipped with audio input terminal, refer to the user's manual."

Ver. 2.10.0208 → Ver. 2.11.227

  • Supported OS added Windows 7 (only for Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate 32-bit version)
  • Newly applicable in simplified Chinese language (excluding installer)
  • Time for reopening a network meeting is shorten, which is done by double-clicking a saved [File for Reopening Meeting].

Ver. 2.08.0199 → Ver. 2.10.0208

  • Deleted projector names in the HELP menu and listed the website URL.

Ver. 2.04.0168 → Ver. 2.08.0199

  • "Easy Connection" function support on Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC.
    (only IEU 2.0 for Windows Vista Edition)
    [NOTE] Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC is not a legitimate release. So, the performance on Windows Vista Service Pack 1, to be released in March, cannot be guaranteed.
  • Support of NP3150 / NP2150 / NP1150 / NP3151W.

Ver. 2.03.0120 → Ver. 2.04.0168

  • Support of Windows Vista .
  • Delete the " Virtual Display Transmission " function.

Ver. 2.02.0114 → Ver. 2.03.0120

  • Correct to display a warning message when this software will be installed into Windows Vista.
    (This software cannot be installed in Windows Vista.)
  • Correct the defect which cause the failure of automatic start.

Ver. 1.01.0003 → Ver. 2.02.0114

  • Support of NP2000 / NP1000 .
  • Add the " Virtual Display Transmission " function.
  • Add the " Actual Size Display Mode ".
  • By double - clicking a file for reopening a meeting, You can connect to the projector with the same network settings.
  • Support of Meeting over network segment.

Ver. 1.01.0000 → Ver. 1.01.0003

  • Add the " Reconnec t" function that an attendant who is disconnected from the meeting due to a communication failure can take part in the meeting again.
  • Add the new function that meeting name and user name is displayed for 3 seconds by clicking at the status area in the presenter window or the attendant window.
  • When connecting or reconnecting to the meeting in training mode balloon message will appear to indicate the connection is succeeded.
  • Solved the problem that PC shows you the blue-screen, stalls or screen image does not be transferred, if the power of PC is turned off when IEU is transferring the image on TCP protocol on Windows XP-SP2.
  • The help file is improved. Solved the problem that the PC shows you the blue-screen or resets if " fast user switching " is executed when IEU is running.
  • Solved the limitation that the refresh rate of the display is changed to the default value when IEU is started.
  • Support the cooperation with eBeam application made by Luidia, Inc. (WT610 / WT615)

Ver. 1.00.0002 → Ver. 1.01.0000

  • Solved some limitations that sometimes drawings are incorrect when aspect ratio of screen was changed on tablet PC.
  • Reduce some limitations that some parts of drawings are lacked.
  • Add the countermeasure to find the meeting when the signal reception is not good.
  • Enable " Easy Connect" ; when the network is connected to domain.
  • Correct the error trap procedure in " Making Files Public " function.
  • Correct the alert display in " Reopening the Meeting " function.

Ver. 1.00.0000 → Ver. 1.00.0002

  • Correct the defect in error trapping process of " Easy Connection ".
  • Correct the defect in error trapping process of " Making Files Public " function.
  • Change the communication port number for " Making Files Public " function.
  • Improve the accuracy of searching the projectors in " Easy Connection ".
  • Release from the limitation that the lack of the character is occurredat the left border of the screen in text display.
  • Release from the limitation that some kind of font type can not be displayed.
  • Change the terminating logic in order to avoid the problem that TCP / IP connection can not terminate correctly on some PCs which is applied " Windows XP SP2 ".

Ver. 1.00.0000

  • First release

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