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Our Environmrntal Activities

Under the circumstances of the global environmental issues of global warming and the exhaustion of natural resources, NEC Display Solutions recognizes that environmental activities are the responsibility of the company, and we are working to reduce the environmental load of our business activities. In our production activities, we intend to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society by designing and developing products that coexist with nature and by consistently considering the environment in materials procurement, production facilities, production methods, and recycling.

Environment Policy

Environmental Philosophy:
We consider the environment an important management issue, and we will contribute to the construction of a sustainable society by providing image solutions.

Action guidelines

  1. We will promote business activities considering the environmental issues of green procurement, waste reduction, energy and resource saving, and the control of hazardous substances.
  2. We will provide products considering the environmental issues of energy-saving design, hazardous substance control, and designs using the 3R concept.
  3. With the environment management system, we will conduct appropriate environment maintenance activities and prevent pollution by consistently improving environmental load conditions.
  4. We will comply with not only all laws and regulations but also other environmental requirements.
  5. We will provide the necessary educational training to ensure that all personnel observe this policy.

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