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Vulnerabilities in public displays

CVE Identifier: CVE-2023-7077


The following Public Displays have Vulnerabilities that allows an attacker arbitrary command or program execution.


P403, P463, P553, P703, P801, X554UN, X464UN, X554UNS, X464UNV, X474HB, X464UNS, X554UNV, X555UNS, X555UNV, X754HB, X554HB, E705, E805, E905, UN551S, UN551VS, X551UHD, X651UHD, X841UHD, X981UHD, MD551C8


The product finished supported term.

Apply following workaround to avoid the effects of this vulnerability.

  • Use the product only in a safe intranet protected by a firewall and do not connect the product to the Internet.

The above workaround prevents illegal access to the product.
If it is difficult to take the above workaround due to a network configuration and etc., please consider to replacement to below product.



Thanks to Mr. Tunahan TEKEO─×LU of the Senior Cyber Security Consultant about reporting this vulnerability.

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