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Basic Policy of CSR Management

Because Sharp NEC Display Solutions itself wants to be the entity that customers and society trust, Sharp NEC Display Solutions not only enforces compliance with all appropriate internal rules, laws and regulations, but also seeks to realize a sustainable society through initiatives that cover the three pillars of ESG: Environment, Social and Governance. We understand the importance of transparency and actively disclose the results and issues of these efforts to our stakeholders. We also use dialogue and communication to improve our own corporate activities.
We believe that sustainable management requires the pursuit of innovation through the launch of new businesses or the further development of existing business. For us, this means to proactively listen to our customers and understand the wider social issues through communication and dialogue. To this end, Sharp NEC Display Solutions has proposed the following three basic policies.

Basic Policy of CSR Management

  • Strengthen risk management and enforce compliance
  • Contribute to solving social issues through business activities
  • Promote communications with stakeholders

Strengthen risk management and enforce compliance

Sharp NEC Display Solutions implements thorough risk management within all of our Group companies and business partners, in order to continually respond to the expectations and demands of its stakeholders and to secure its place in society. To this end, NEC is committed to avoiding and/or mitigating any negative impact or risk of negative impact on its stakeholders, society and the environment, such as the potential occurrences of violations of human rights and environmental damage. In addition, Sharp NEC Display Solutions practices compliance with a constant awareness of the need to prioritize it.

Contribute to solving social issues through business activities

As a Social Value Innovator, we confirm the social issues that we should address in promoting our business and foster a culture of considering the impacts of our products and services on society. We make use of the SDGs when considering these social issues and impacts. Sharp NEC Display Solutions promotes and delivers solutions for society according to these themes in order to contribute to the realization of an abundant society and bright future, while exploring fundamental issues faced by society and collaborating with various stakeholders to create new values. Sharp NEC Display Solutions is also contributing to the solution of social issues through its activities for contributing to society in collaboration with local communities and NPOs and NGOs.

Promote communications with stakeholders

Sharp NEC Display Solutions identifies the fundamental issues of customers and society and the values they seek by engaging in communication and dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders. Sharp NEC Display Solutions discloses the corporate initiatives taken to solve those issues, the results of these initiatives, and new challenges in CSR reports and other publications. Furthermore, by continuously implementing improvement measures through PDCA cycles that take into account the feedback from society, Sharp NEC Display Solutions will continue to build relationships of trust with its stakeholders and society, enhancing corporate value.

Established :January 29, 2020
Revised : June 21, 2022
Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
President Mitsunori Aizawa

CSR Management Promotion Framework of Sharp NEC Display Solutions

Sharp NEC Display Solutions continually improve CSR management by utilizing the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) in order to enhance our corporate value.
We established "Risk & Compliance Committee" and three subcommittees for checking PDCA Cycle of CSR Management. And this CSR Management System is shared with Sales, Staff and Business Division.

3.	CSR Management Promotion Framework of NEC Display Solutions

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