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Corporate Philosophy / Corporate Vision / Management Policy

Corporate Philosophy

We provide high quality imaging solutions that impress and satisfy our customers.

Corporate Vision

We will become a World-Wide leading company in display industry.

Management Policy

  • We will be a company that earns the continuous confidence of all stakeholders.
  • We will provide optimum quality products and services all over the world by using state-of-the-art technologies and the highest level of knowledge in all parts of the value chain.
  • We will consistently strive to create new markets and expand business activities.
  • We will fulfill our corporate responsibility in all situations and continuously adapt to changing environments.
  • We will work to establish positive corporate ethics and ensure compliance, as well as protect the environment, as a good corporate citizen.
  • We will give our best efforts to develop human resources and individual capabilities in order to enhance the growth of both the company and individuals.

Responsible Minerals Policy

Sharp NEC Display Solutions clarified our policy of neither using nor procuring mineral products mined improperly in conflict areas and seeks the understanding and cooperation of its suppliers by establishing the “Responsible Minerals Policy.

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