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President Message

Representative Executive President NakataniSharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
President Toshiaki Yamamoto

Sharp NEC Display Solutions is responsible for the visual solutions business around display devices.

Today, display devices permeate our daily lives, spanning from information displays at railway stations and airports, promotional displays in stores and shopping malls, projection mapping at events and theme parks, to even safety applications that monitor the infrastructure to make our lives safer and more comfortable. Crisp high-quality displays from Sharp NEC Display Solutions have won the trust and high reputation of customers in more than 120 countries and regions around the world.

In modern society, where information and communications technology continues to advance, the need for “Visual Solutions” to transmit and share digitalized information will be greater than ever in both business and daily life. There will be many more opportunities to use display devices and visual solutions like multi-language guide display, contents display by customer demographic analysis and warning display system through video analytics.

In addition to our own developed technological capabilities and global structure, we generate synergy with Sharp group’s strong assets such as key components and IWB, together with future development strategies such as 8K and AIoT and we accelerate realizing to be a “Global Display Solutions Provider”.

As a “Global Display Solution Provider”, Sharp NEC Display Solutions is committed to delivering crisp image and visual solutions to meet the diverse needs of all of its customers.

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