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Movie Theater

Movie Theaters
From Movie Screens to Facility Information Systems

The art of movie production is highly computerized these days. Neither special effects nor editing are possible without the use of computers. Since unification of digital cinema standards into the Digital Cinema Initiatives standard developed mainly by Hollywood movie companies, digitally produced movies have been rapidly increasing. In movie theaters, conventional film projectors are still mainstream at present. If shooting and editing are also digital, however, total digitalization through to theater screens will make movie production more efficient and prevent visual quality degradation. Moreover, it is expected that digital distribution of movies will be significantly more efficient than the conventional method. In movie theaters in countries relatively uninfluenced by the Digital Cinema Initiatives standard, high-brightness and high-definition large projectors, if not DLP® Cinema projectors, will be mainstream.

LCD monitors or projectors are not only used to project or display movies, but also used for other purposes including visitor flow management (movie schedules or theater floor maps) and movie promotion (alternate display of digital posters of current and coming-soon titles). Moreover, digital signage systems are also used in combination with ticket reservation systems to display real-time seat vacancy information by title and time.


Digital Cinema

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NEC DLP® Cinema projectors enable high-dimensional Digital Movie Projection, thanks to color reproducibility high enough to produce visual expressions as intended by movie creators and thanks to durability high enough to withstand repeated use. Our theatrical projector product line consists of the NC2000C with class-leading brightness and up-to-20-meter screen width, the NC1200C with up to a 20-meter screen width, and the NC900C for use in small theaters or post production, each model available with excellent specs including high-resolution 4K (4,096 X 2,160) input source compatibility, and high contrast for reproducing deep solid blacks.

We offer three types of display equipment, namely projectors and LCD monitors for indoor use. We select from our product range to custom-build digital signage systems to best suit customer needs including installation locations, intended purposes, and required performance. We cooperate with NEC and system vendors to custom-build digital signage systems from small to large.