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Commercial Spaces
Digital Signage

Even if inconveniently located in a shopping mall, a shop could efficiently attract more customers. What it should do is to promote itself and let people know more about its products and services, special events, bargain sales, limited offers, discount coupon services, etc.

Such promotional information can be provided by digital signage systems consisting of flat panel displays (FPDs) such as projectors, LCD monitors. FPDs are also used in commercial buildings, hotels, or amusement facilities in addition to shopping malls.

Many commercial complexes have an information network for timely delivery of their promotional information to prospective customers. An FPD adds an impressive touch to promotional info. A projector rear-projects such promotional info all over an acrylic wall. Alternatively, multiple large LCDs can be configured into a large multi-screen display to disseminate information. It is also possible to send the same or different information to displays installed in multiple locations. A large commercial complex is like a huge labyrinth where customers enjoy browsing shops for products of interest. In such places, digital signage equipment provides an effective means of attracting customers. Coordinated with the interior of a shop, FPDs will help to turn visitors into customers.


Public Display

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Your benefit?

NEC Display Solutions offers two types of display equipment as digital signage, namely, the projector and LCD monitor. We select from our product range to custom-build digital signage systems to best suit customer needs including installation locations, intended purposes, and required performance. For example, ultra-short focus projectors fit in small footprints but powerfully promote shops to passers-by.
A touch panel monitor allows customers to voluntarily search and gather information on products and services. We cooperate with NEC and system vendors to custom-build digital signage systems from small to large.