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Public Transportation
Facilities Digital Signage

Thanks to technological advances that improved durability and visibility, flat panel displays (FPDs), such as LCD monitors and projectors. Moreover, in combination with network technology, FPDs can display information sent from remote locations or can alternately display different real-time information. In airports, e.g., FPDs are used to provide information on departure check-in counters, baggage check-in counters, departures/arrivals, and baggage claim. Bus seat booking centers use FPDs to report seat vacancies and traffic congestion. FPDs installed in railroad stations display station maps, departures/arrivals, and seat vacancies. In addition to transportation information, FPDs are also used to display other information on local weather conditions, sightseeing spots, special events, or gourmet and shopping spots.


Public Display

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NEC Display Solutions offers three types of visual display equipment, namely, projectors and LCD monitors for use in public transportation facilities. We select from our product range to custom-build digital signage systems to best suit customer needs including installation locations, intended purposes, and required performance. Both our LCD monitors and projectors are of high durability and visibility and are designed to make system construction easy. We cooperate with NEC and system vendors to custom-build digital signage systems, from small to large.