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Amusement Facilities

In amusement facilities, many large LCD monitors or projectors are often used to display visual information indoors or semi-indoors. For example, there are many bowling alleys using large LCD monitors to display players’ scores. One of the reasons for this is that LCD screen images are now clearly visible as viewed from below, thanks to advances in wide-view angle technology of LCDs. Similarly, highly computerized game arcades are installed with large digital signage equipment, either LCD monitors, in the vicinity of the entrance, to display chance of success information and ranking information on all game machines. Many horse race tracks are equipped with several visual display units. High-brightness large projectors are used as stadium screens that show real-time races to indoor spectators. LCD monitors are used as digital signage for displaying odds, race information, and real-time races.


Public Displays

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Your benefit?

NEC Display Solutions offers two types of display equipment, namely projectors and LCD monitors for use in amusement facilities. We select from our product range to custom-build digital signage systems to best suit customer needs including installation locations, intended purposes, and required performance. We cooperate with NEC and system vendors to custom-build digital signage systems from small to large.