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For Use in Large-Capacity Venues

Because large indoor spaces such as large auditoriums provide venues for research presentations, lectures, and other events with large audiences, an increasing number of such venues are installed with large visual display equipment.

In such a large-capacity venue, images projected by a projector must be visible enough under indoor lights to the entire seated audience who take notes and read handouts from their seats. A front projector requires a longer projection distance in proportion to the screen size, and a higher on-screen brightness at a greater projection distance. For the reasons above, venues such as large auditoriums need a high-brightness, high-definition projector.

By installing multiple LCD monitors to suit the venue size, seamless images can be projected on a large screen.



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Your benefit?

Incredibly high brightness, high resolution, and high contrast ratio for delivering high-definition images:
NEC Display Solutions offers a line of large-screen projection systems, each complete with a new optical engine and 13,500 lumens, a triple-chip system consisting of three high-spec 12-degree DLP® chips for natural color reproduction, and a high contrast ratio of 2,000 : 1 or higher.