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Design and Drawing
CAD/CAM Applications: Design Staff Meeting

In the transition period from CRT monitors to LCD monitors, CAD/CAM professionals, such as designers, selected LCD monitors on the basis of how their CAD software interfaces looked like on the LCD monitor screen.

The most important of the selection criteria for LCD monitors was that drawn lines and drawings were displayed the same as on CRT monitor screens. Among other strongly desired requirements were uniform brightness and uniform color reproduction. Even today, any new replacement model is expected to outperform existing monitors in terms of image quality. Thus, technological development efforts are always made for further image quality improvements to meet professional needs.

Design departments often hold team meetings where the staff members have discussions while watching images on large single screens, for which projectors or large LCDs are used.


Professional usage applications

Image Photo

Your benefit?

NEC Display Solutions not only offers high-quality display image equipment that meets the needs of design-related users, but also user-oriented mechanism design services to assist designers with monitor operation. Moreover, the OSD (On Screen Display) function provides a high user-friendly operability that allows the user to work with image quality fine-tuned to the desired level. We also offer a variety of large LCD monitors and projectors for use in design discussion meetings to comprehensively meet the display-related needs of user-designers.