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Surveillance System

Surveillance cameras with better imaging performances and storage units with high definition recording capability have added evidential capacity to captured images and hence increased the effectiveness of surveillance camera systems as a means of crime prevention. Now there are hotels, supermarkets, financial institutions, shops, apartment buildings, schools, and even ordinary houses installed with such a system.

Many of surveillance systems use LCD monitors or DLP® projectors. Because there are usually several dozens of surveillance cameras in operation at the same time, large surveillance monitors with a multi-split screen are used to allow close observation via each split screen. In pachinko parlors, a network of surveillance cameras is installed to monitor every nook and corner of the hall, and the monitoring room has a whole wall mounted with large flat panel monitors. The same applies to hotels, supermarkets, and other places accessible to the general public.

Meanwhile, DLP® rear projectors are used for disaster prevention monitoring systems or traffic control systems run by administrative organizations, or factory accident prevention systems, because such systems are required to maintain seamless images projected on a single wall round the clock.


Professional use applications

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Your benefit?

NEC Display Solutions offers a broad selection of display units, ranging from DLP rear projectors used for multi-screen applications for large-scale central surveillance systems to projectors and LCD monitors used in small-to-medium scale surveillance systems for communities or amusement facilities.
Our broad line of display units allows the customer to select a model that best suits the requirements of the surveillance system to be constructed.