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Information Boards

Information applications using a large LCD monitor or projector include city halls, public facilities, chambers of commerce, tourism centers, toll highway service areas, and many other locations including private enterprises.

Electronic bulletin boards using visual display equipment allow direct delivery of visual information to audiences and provide higher communication efficiencies than paper-based bulletin boards. Information posted on a paper-based bulletin board often fails to attract the attention of uninterested audiences. An electronic bulletin board allows use of attention attracting features including video-based posting and timely delivery of the latest information.

These advantages promote introduction of electronic bulletin board systems to various places.


Office Applications

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Your benefit?

NEC Display Solutions offers two types of visual display equipment, namely, LCD monitors and projectors, each type usable as an information board.
We provide comprehensive system construction services including selection of hardware that suits installation locations, the intended purposes, and performance requirements. We also work together with NEC and system vendors to construct electronic bulletin board systems from small to large scale. Moreover, in addition to provision of hardware, we offer total information consultation services on electronic bulletin board installation and content.