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Uniformity technology

What is the Uniformity Technology?

There are several causes of unevenness. Most are in the manufacturing process of the LCD panel.

Exposure process

The exposure is a step in the manufacturing process for the panel. It is a process to produce circuits on the glass plate of the panel. These circuits actually operate the LCD. The exposure is carried out automatically and mechanically. If the processing time is uneven, the thickness of the electrodes may be uneven in some places. Due to this unevenness, the displayed brightness becomes relatively too bright or too dark.

Adherence of glass sheets

In the display panel of the LCD monitor, two thin glass sheets are adhered with a gap of 4 to 5 micrometers. Since the gap is very small, it may be uneven in some places. If the gap is uneven or distorted, conditions for transmitting lights may vary and then it may cause unevenness in the colors and brightness.

Deterioration on standing

If the monitor is used in a place exposed to a lot of sunlight for long periods, the film on the LCD panel is tinged with yellow and the color reproduction performance will drastically deteriorate.

NEC’s Uniformity Technology

For the high-grade series monitors, unevenness of each monitor is compensated one by one at the factory.

  1. At the factory, the brightness and color tones of RGB for the respective panels are measured with the 2D color analyzer.
  2. Based on the measurement data, conditions of unevenness of the respective panels are comprehended. And then how much compensation is required is determined for the respective RGB, and the data results will be saved on each monitor.
  3. The user can compensate unevenness by turning on the uniformity function. In order to execute these operations, all models of the high grade series are equipped with an LSI uniquely developed by us using our know-how accumulated in monitor development activities for many years.
NEC’s Uniformity Technology