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Adobe(R) RGB compatible

The monitor comes with exact reproducibility of the original Adobe(R)RGB colors to meet the most demanding needs of frontline content creation professionals seeking high-precision color reproducibility.

Adobe RGB compatible

Color Feedback System

The built-in sensor automatically corrects unstable brightness and chromaticity to the target values in one minute after power-on. This color feedback system ensures color stability during use of the monitor.

Irregularity Correction (UNIFORMITY)

The NEC original dedicated image processing IC corrects the brightness and color of the screen and optimizes gamma correction values. Based on measurement data, it optimizes the correction value as appropriate for the display characteristics that differ slightly among individual LCD panels to deliver professionally required uniform display performance.

Irregularity Correction (MURACOMP / UNIFORMITY)


This circuit improves the slow halftone response speed, which is the traditional weak point of LCD monitors. Equipped with a built-in temperature sensor, the circuit automatically adjusts the halftone response speed, if too low at start-up, to the optimum value. The circuit reduces image lag and other discomfort during video play to achieve higher levels of performance.


Hardware calibration

The monitor needs color-adjustment calibration for correct color reproduction. Hardware calibration, which is automatic optimization of color representation, brightness, and tone by the monitor using dedicated software, allows more reliable and stable corrections than software calibration, which is a monitor signal-dependent adjustment procedure performed manually using multipurpose software.

Hardware calibration

12-Bit Gamma Adjustment

The 12-bit lookup table assigned to each of the RGB colors enables reproduction of approx. 16.77 million colors out of 67,967.23 million colors. Developed based on existing 10-Bit Gamma Correction (approx. 16.77 million /1,064.33 million colors), 12-Bit Gamma Adjustment provides a smoother and finer color gradation and higher color resolution to serve the needs of professional users.

Automatic Black Level Adjustment

With this function, the monitor detects and corrects the black equivalent signal in color signals to the optimum value. This feature delivers natural color reproduction along with excellent dark gradation and reduced black collapse.

* Compatible with analog signals

Natural Color Matrix

This color conversion system is capable of individual adjustment of the six primary colors (three additive (RGB) and three subtractive (CMY) primary colors) and chroma saturation (S). This system allows individual control of the color of interest and enables more natural color reproduction without affecting the color tone of the whole image.